Get the best of both worlds with the Terra Hunter R/T. It was built to tackle any rugged terrain with ease and deliver smooth, uncompromised performance on the highway.

  • Optimized void-to-lug ratio for extreme off-road conditions provides unparalleled traction in mud, snow, sand, and rocky terrain.
  • Deep tread depth for enhanced off-road capability, hydroplaning resistance, and longer tread life.
  • Staggered shoulder lugs provide enhanced biting edge and traction on rocky terrain.
  • Deep siping across the tread surface for enhanced grip and braking in winter and wet surfaces.
  • Mud and stone ejectors in between shoulder lug blocks help shed mud and prevent stone drilling.
  • Advanced tread pattern and pitch variation tame road noise for a smoother highway ride and increase comfort for drivers and passengers.
  • Terra Hunter R/T’s aggressive dual sidewall design not only delivers added off-road traction and sidewall armor but gives enthusiasts aesthetic options to indulge their wild side.